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App Development

As of late I have really been interested in creating an app, especially the process of it. Specifically, I have been looking at Xcode which I have previously written about. This is a platform to program apps in. It is available for web download on Microsoft or PC, and it can be downloaded inside of the OS app store. Xcode requires the user to have a fairly decent amount of programming experience in the language swift. I wanted to use this platform so that I can make an app, I asked classmates that have used it about things I was worried about. The visuals of the app and created buttons in the app seemed like the part I thought i would struggle with the most, but according to classmates it is actually very simple to make those two parts in specific. This was very relieving for me to hear. I am going to start making my app soon, but for right now I am focusing on learning the parts of swift I need to know to do this.

Apple Page for Xcode and swift…

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