With the app "Xcode" you can create things just like you can with any other programming language. It's slightly different though, because you can make apps with it. One of my fellow classmates, Rishabh Prakash, used Xcode to create a calculator. After he programmed the calculator he was able to pull it up onto the screen and use it. The interesting part of being able to make your own calculator is that you could make it specifically for what you need it for. For example, a radian calculator versus just a regular calculator. You could have it display numbers in scientific notation. The language that you program with it C sharp. I attempted to use Xcode a couple times, but I am not entirely familiar with the language. Although I do program in languages with similar syntax, it is easy for me to navigate through a code, but not as easy for me to create one.

8D Audio

8D audio is hearing a song or sound from 8 different directions. The sound is constantly changing where it comes from so it sounds very different from what someone is used to hearing. It can be thought of as the VR of music or sounds. The different directions sounds come from is specific to each song so they don't sound alike either. I just recently discovered 8D audio and it is almost mind blowing to me. It sounds like all the noises are going around you like there are multiple speakers spread out in different parts of a room no matter how big it is. The best 8D audio song I've heard so far is Lucid Dreams by Juice Wrld.

Lucid Dreams-

You can find so many songs in 8D audio, you can simply search "8D audio <name of song>"

Kia Soul EV

Kia has just created a version of the Kia Soul except it is an electric version of the vehicle. The electric version of the car actually costs about 11,000 dollars more than the gas version of the car. Also, the electric version of the car has about half of the horsepower than the regular Kia Soul. (EV-110, reg. 212) An interesting thing I learned is that when people buy an electric vehicle they are able to be paid an incentive from the state. In this case, Kia is saying that people can gain almost 10,000 dollars for purchasing this car. In a sense,  it's very different from the original Kia Soul because the EV is a one gear vehicle, while the original vehicle has 7 gears and a turbo in it. I think the idea of people having electric cars is definitely a good idea for the environment, but i will always prefer a car that runs on gas for a lot of performance reasons.

Tesla Model X Technology

The Tesla model x key fob allows a person to do many different things.
-Starting the car opening doors
-Closing doors
-Can close, or open every door on the car at once

The 17 inch touchscreen is the biggest in any car. It comes pre-loaded with a lot of different programs such as spotify.

The cars software is updated just like you update your iphone. You can have it update itself similarly how you can do with your phone.

Remote control key-BMW

BMW has recently created a key for the 5 series and 7 series model with a touch screen that allows you to move the car. Although it can only go 10 meters forwards or backwards it seems like a cool idea. If a parking spot is very small but there are no other places to park it makes it possible to park the car without worrying about getting out. I have a small concern with this idea though because if someone doesn't adjust the car perfectly, although there are sensors there to hopefully stop the car from impacting with anything its never certain those will always work. we have seen this fault in other cars trying to do something similar. There are a lot of  cool things that could be expanded off of this and i would like to see where it goes.